Large Windyak

A high-performance boat, good load-bearing capacity for boating, and all the advantages of the WINDYAK concept.
The original concept (2005 …) which demonstrated its surprising possibilities. The most “sailboat” of our designs.
Sit-on-top configuration (closed deck, cockpits “basins” self-draining). Steering the rudder by lines and pedals (kayak mode) or tiller (sailboat mode).
Category D certification referred.
The usual length of a two-seater sea kayak, easily transportable on a station wagon.
Hull length: 5.89 m
Width: 0.80 / 5.25 m
Draft: 0.14 / 0.80 m
Sail area: 9 m2
Total mass ~ 70 kg

– Equipped hull ~ 50kg

– Arms + floats ~ 10kg

– Rigging (with sail and furling) ~ 7kg

Unchanging (buoyancy reserves)
Design: Frédéric JOUFFROY
Rigging design: Philippe BUSSIERE & Frédéric JOUFFROY
The major molds are available (evolutions planned to take into account the recent improvements of the concept)
Composite construction (central infusion shell)
Bourg Saint Bernard, last test session before MC 2020

Morbihan Challenge 2020

Durant le MC2020, au large de Lorient (crédit Laurent Brière)