Windyak winner of the Morbihan Challenge race 2020 !

The 3rd edition of this human & wind powered 4 stages race with mixed crews, ran between 10th & 13th September, located between Locmiquélic & Larmor-Baden through Hennebont et Quiberon.

It allowed comparing various designs : Nada, ranked 2nd, is a 26’’ Newick design trimaran ; Nemo, Ranked 3 is  a Topper Iso dinghy. Other competitors were light or sport monohulls & trimarans.  Windyak proved well suited to met weather conditions (down & light winds, no wind), showing the benefits of concept (nice speed in all situations). Our boat never ranked below 3, only beaten by 40 ‘’ multihulls including a Formule40 (IRVI,  ex Fleury-Michon), a pure racing machine (no possible comparison with our light craft) !

See Morbihan Challenge website & Photos & videos below

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