The kayak that converts into a Trimaran !

Windy or not windy ?
Trailer… Storing… Berthing
Mounting duration… Launching facility
Motor failure & maintenance…gasoline level
Drive to go to the river, lake or sea… Maintenance and operation expenses
These different constraints prevent us from sailing more frequently. 

Now, imagine a boat designed for funny sailing, either it is windy or not,
Imagine a boat designed for sailing on any lake, sea, river or canal… nearby,
Imagine a boat ready for use in a few minutes from your car roof,
Imagine a boat which can be kept out of your duties when not used,
Imagine a boat with a limited environmental footprint, thanks to its light weight

While keeping kayak easiness, WINDYAK provides
– the whole kayak+sailing trimaran dual function,

– the folding/unfolding on water from one mode to the other one within minutes