Some wind ? No wind ?

Trailer… Storing… Berthing…

Mounting duration… Putting the boat in the water

Motor failure & maintenance…gasoline level

Travelling to go to the river, lake or sea… Maintenance and operation expenses  

We feel happy when being on water, but constraints forbid us to sail more often. 

Now, imagine a boat designed for funny sailing, either it is windy or not,

Imagine a boat designed for sailing on any lake, sea, river or canal… nearby,

Imagine a boat ready for use in a few minutes from your car roof,

Imagine a boat which can be kept out of your duties when not used,

Imagine a boat which fulfills the growing concern of having a limited environmental impact,

This innovative concept is now a reality

While keeping all the easy use of a kayak, WINDYAK offers the whole double function kayak+sailing trimaran, and folding/unfolding on water  from  one mode to the other in 2 minutes duration.

To learn more, watch the WINDYAK show  vidéo settled on a small lake of Toulouse area.

WINDYAK has been awarded in 2007 by the French Federation of Nautical Industries (FIN), finishing as one of the 3 finalists of the yearly issue of Bateau Bleu Competition, devoted to Eco-design for pleasure Boats and equipments.


Our new Versatile product will be the outcome of WINDYAK concept optimization process 


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