A concept arousing supports

WINDYAK project should not be at this stage of development without involvement, since 4 years , of many people, attracted by the original created concept. Numerous limited and long-time helps have allowed us passing much faster from the initial idea to a concrete concept realization, and keeping, too, the necessary energy to go on in difficult times.


True thanks thus, to all people that have helped us to write this story, and please excuse us if we have forgotten some names in the long following list. In that case don’t hesitate to tell us! Special thanks first to our families for their constant support despite the invasive space taken up by this project in our lives.

Thierry Azemard (handikayak)

Jean-Claude Barthès (development models and technical innovation )

René Cheynet (development models and technical innovation)

Bernard Clausse (tools, market advice)

Philippe Corberand (technical innovation)

Mr Dillinger (drawings’ printing)

Michel Dubois (photos)

Fred Ducasse (aluminium’s working advice).

Ronan Evin (photos)

Didier Fallandry (composite advice)

Sandrine Garcia (document reviewing)

Nicolas Gauvin (mechanical realization advice)

Christophe Giorgio (data transfer)

Jean-Christophe Gonnaud (handikayak contacts)

Jean-Paul Guillemet (business plan)

Jean-Luc Guioné (business plan)

Guy Lassalle and Castres sailing club ( handi sailing)

Stephane Labouihe (tests)

Pierre Lallemand (composite advice)

Gilbert Lauriol (patent writing and industrial property advice)

Jacques Le Bart (business plan, technical innovation)

Pascal Lebée (sea kayak lending)

Bernard Lelièvre (general design and strategy advice)

Nicolas Lépine (document reviewing)

Jean-Luc Lormeau (plug)

Charles Marechal (strategy advice)

Thierry Merquiol (strategy and document reviewing)

Marie-Hélène Metge (industrial property information)

Xavier Peña (spanish translation)

Robert Piquet (composite advice)

Thierry Poncin (préforme)

Olivier Schmid (business plan)

Hélène Striffling (press data)

Romain Striffling (document reviewing)

Thomas Striffling (industrial property advice)

Philippe Thômé (document reviewing, development models)

INSA school trainees: Nicolas Follin, Fabien Sempé, Ioannis Zapounidis (Finite elements models)

Special thanks

Great thanks to following key persons for project achievement

Gilles Abikanlou (market research and advises, technical innovation)

Caroline André (workshop place)

Guilhem André-Hériaud (project mainspring for 3 years now : building, 3D model, tests).

Matthieu Balluffier (3D model and boat look design)

Jonathan Boko (infusion testing and first prototype building)

Vincent Clausse (plug and 3D model)

Christian Chevalley (workshop place, tools, consumables, material testing)

André Ferrand (finite element model)

Thierry Fouqueray (development model and website)

Hervé Heriaud (workshop place and plug)

Christian Haspot/CERGI Atlantique-(3D models)

Jean-François Jehl ( composite advice, moulds and development models)

Gilbert Mathely (infusion advice)

Claude Striffling (document reviewing, strategy and legal advice)

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