A long gestation

  • Summer 2001:Frederic’s idea : Make a sailing trimaran foldable to a kayak !
  • Spring 2003: Starts building a first composite materials made prototype.
  • Winter 2004: First contacts with Philippe to think about a furlable rig.
  • Automn 2004: Prototype goes to water : it works but some defects to be corrected.
  • Winter 2005 : Start transforming prototype into a ‘plug’ to make a set of moulds.
  • Spring 2005: registration of a patent for unfolding mechanisms.
  • Autumn 2005: Moulds are built ; start building of a 1st engineering boat.

Power increase for a promising innovative concept

Winter 2006: Get a grant ‘support to innovation’ by French National Innovation Agency ‘OSEO-Anvar’.

    • Restricted market research performed by interviewing 10 sailing or kayak renting & learning professional people.
    • Finite element model analysis performed to optimise hull structure.
    • Infusion building process tested on 2nd engineering boat.
    • International patent extension procedure ’PCT’ submitted
    • Spring 2006:1st engineering boat goes to water : she goes well !
    • Summer 2006:2nd engineering boat goes to water.
    • Automn 2006:
    • Furlable rig patent registration.
    • First presentation of WINDYAK development boats at La Rochelle boat show. Public’s interest for a foldable paddling/sailing craft is verified, then confirmed by the results of extended market research performed (350 visitors interviewed during the show). Concept is validated, technical implementation will still continue to be improved !
    • Winter/ Spring/Summer 2007
    • Continuation of existing WINDYAK boats perfecting.
      • Design of new WINDYAK 5.05 & 4.2m boats taking into account lessons learnt from La Rochelle Boat Show.
      • Development of a trimaran foldable kit for existing sea kayaks in collaboration with French builder POLYFORM

  • Automn 2007:
      • WINDYAK project awarded as one of the 3 finalists of the yearly ‘bateau bleu’ competition organised by the French Nautical Industry Federation (FIN). Object was ‘eco-design for pleasure boats or equipments’

  • Winter/ Spring/Summer 2008
      • WINDYAK kit for sea kayaks perfectingboats perfecting.

      • Development of an adaptation kit for handicapped people, for Grand WINDYAK .

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