WINDYAK team at Grau-du-roi (close to Nimes, on the Mediterranean sea)
Although living at places distant by 600 kms (Antibes-Toulouse), Fred & Philippe have meetings to test together the new parts they have separately developed. April 2008 was a key point concretizing the previous months work performed on two different boats.

Embarquement / boardingDépart  / StartingA la barre / SteeringEmpannage / JybingAu près / Going to the windAu portant / Down the windA la pagaie / PaddlingSouris, Philippe ! / Smile, Philippe !Déploiement du bras / Unfolding the beamMatage / MastingDescente de la chaussette / Pulling down the sleeveUn homme heureux / A happy manLe maitre voilier vérifie son travail… / The sailmaker checking his work… Même dans les moments les plus tranquilles / … even in the quietest moments

Saturday morning sailing session very close to home

That day a true 4 Beaufort wind was blowing in gusts (Autan wind), so it was a good opportunity to test again WINDYAK kit on a little pond in toulouse suburbs, 4 km from home. Depth close to the shore is 20cm only, so the lake is even unsailable by a small-scale model, but it is not a problem for the kayak. Some good fun skimming the water… only ducks have been scared !

Au portant / Behind the windAu rappel / Producing some righting moment …A la barre / SteeringUne risée et çà accélère / Accelerating with a gustUne risée et çà accélère / Accelerating with a gustVirement / TackingLa pagaie aide bien / Paddle may help !C’est reparti / Let’s go again

A la barre / SteeringA la barre / SteeringIl y a du vent! / Wind is blowing hard!Cà marche / It works !Dans la verdure/ in the greeneryAu près / Close hauledDans la verdure / In the greeneryDans les rafales / In the gusts

Sailing at lunch break on the « Canal du Midi » by an « Autan » windy day.

Weather forecast was a 30kph wind for Toulouse area, and canal is 5 minutes far by car from job’s location. So why should we go without some pleasant sailing at noon ?

After boarding from the bank in folded configuration, 3 km paddling against the wind before being able to get some different fun, sailing for the way back.

Au bord du canal / Beside the canalPréparation, mode replié / Preparing to folded configurationFin du déploiement / End of unfolding

It is difficult to tack within a 20m wide place … and in these conditions, paddling is definitely more efficient.

But trees, barges and flats are really too much wind hampering to hope getting great fun. . To be reserved for next gale days.

A l’approche du pont / Approaching the bridgeAu portant / Before the windAu portant / Before the wind

A second stretch water area with better wind exposure has been identified nearby to allow friends to try, next time.

Anyway, it was a pleasant moment that has made smile more than a walker. Depending on bridges’ height, it is necessary or not to lower the rig, but paddle is still available as an incomparable preciseness and handling ‘backup engine’ to check if there is enough height or to get from a difficult situation.

Depuis le pont / From the bridgeAffalage du gréement en vue d’un pont / Lowering the rig for the next bridge

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