— 2008, September, the 5th —

WINDYAK will be at Savoie Rando Lac event at Aix les Bains – September: 26th-28th.

Savoie Rando Lac is the new summer 2008 event in France, to promote outdoor sports practice and discovering of new areas in Savoie. Open to all publics, 4 differents races are proposed (running – mountain bike – cycle touring – kayak, dugout & rowing) that will take place in a surprizingly nice country.

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— 2008, August,the 5th —

WINDYAK at sea kayak French Championships event at Quiberon (Morbihan) – August: 28th-30th.

To celebrate the first birthday of WINDYAK kit prototype for sea kayaks, we will be pleased to meet you during this major yearly French sea kayak community event.

It will occur on French National Sailing School site: This is a strong symbol, fully in line with the various nautical practices spirit WINDYAK wants to promote. it is for us a perfect opportunity to demonstrate that it is possible to conveniently combine sailing & paddling in a same craft, depending on weather conditions.

The project team has been working for these last months to improve the first prototype kit, in terms of easy handling, weight and sailing performances, while also keeping in folded configuration capabilities and behaviour of the original kayak.: advanced mast & beam positions, longer floats, larger sail area, fine composite parts to reduce mass, all the system has been improved to provide some real small sailing boat feeling.

A la pagaie / PaddlingLe maitre voilier vérifie son travail… / The sailmaker checking his workAu près / Going to the wind

Don’t hesitate to test kayak fitted with our kit to realise by yourself the concept possibilities: your opinion will help us to progress !

— 2007, December, the 5th —

« Bateau Bleu 2007 » competition: WINDYAK selected in the short list !


The last good news for the project was to be selected as one of the three last finalists in the « Bateau bleu competition set up by the Nautical Industry French Federation (F.I.N). The goal of this program is to promote R&D and innovation in nautical industry, to develop new environment–friendly products.

The theme of 2007 event was  » eco-design for pleasure boats or equipments ».

WINDYAK thanks to its modularity (trimaran foldable to a kayak during navigation) allowing practising in various weather conditions, shows favourable environmental characteristics, either:

  • For building : 40% less material employed due to its reduced weight, compared to an equivalent capacity catamaran or dinghy or catamaran.
  • Or for use : Prepared in ten minutes without tool, exclusively propelled by sail or paddle, and being able to go to water, just as a kayak, on any nearby river or canal, WINDYAK permits a more frequent local practice inducing low CO2 emissions. This is essential, when more than 90% of environmental impact of daily-used crafts is, for their whole life cycle, related to their direct use.

For those who want to know more, unload here the document submitted to the « Bateau bleu  » competition (currently in French).

WINDYAK bateau bleu (1,6 Mo)

We are looking for partners to develop with us our last project Little WINDYAK with a building process based on use of recyclable thermo-plastic materials.

WINDYAK at Paris boat show (1-9 December 2007).

A video of existing applications is shown on stand (Hall1-E101) of our builder partner POLYFORM, with whom we are developing a foldable kit for conventional sea kayaks. Have in 6 minutes a good view of the whole possibilities of our concept and give us your feedback.

Collaboration with INSA Toulouse engineering school for structural analysis.

WINDYAK current event is also involvement of 3 last year student s and teacher André FERRAND from INSA Toulouse Mechanical engineering school, to perform Finite Element Model analyses for Grand WINDYAK and Little WINDYAK, to respectively optimise and define scantlings.

— 2007, September, the 5th —

The latest event for WINDYAK is going to water of the first trimaran kit prototype for sea kayaks, based on our concept.

windyak kitwindyak kit

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