WINDYAK kit for sea kayaks.

WINDYAK concept applied to existing sea kayaks : keep easiness and use of your kayak, and take advantage of wind !

A la pagaie / Paddling barrant avec la pagaie / Steering with the paddle

Designed for a fully decked kayak with manhole. Kit is easily plugged on a kayak, without modification, by simply bolting a central module supporting beam and rig to existing standard inserts of the boat (central module interface points are specific to each kayak model).

Beam is transported fully assembled with its folded floats, for a very quick mounting/dismounting.

Fixation du module central sur le kayak / Bolting central module on kayakSur la voiture / On car roof

The beam rotates to the fore for unfolding, paddle is used as a rudder like on viking boats.

Montage du bras / Mounting the beamEmbarquement / BoardingA la pagaie / PaddlingDéploiement du bras / Unfolding the beamDéploiement des flotteurs / Unfolding the floatsMontage du mat / Mounting the rigMontage de l’écoute / Fastening the sheetA la voile / Sailing

Current target kayak characteristics, for information ( » Skyros XL  » from POLYFORM)

hull length : 5,3 m

hull breadth : 0,58 m

Mass : 23 kg

Kit prototype characteristics (current prototype)

Unfolded breadth : 3,12 m

Float length: 1,35 m

float volume: ~ 20 litres

Sail area : 2.8 to 3.5 m2

Total kit weight : 12 kg

  • Central module+bipod : 2.5 kg

  • Beam+floats assembly : 6.5 kg

  • Rig (including sail and furling sleeve) : 3 kg

Design : Frederic JOUFFROY

Rig design : Philippe BUSSIERE & Frederic JOUFFROY

A first prototype went to water beginning september 2007, optimisation is in progress; system will be available in a few next months.

Fiberglass central module & floats, aluminium beam & mast , carbon bipod.

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