A performance boat, a good loading capacity for nautical trips, and still the advantages of WINDYAK concept.

Au portant /Down the windpagaie_plusieurs 

The original concept which has shown its surprizing capabilities. The usual length of a double handed sea kayak, that can carried without difficulties on an estate car/ station wagon.

Grand windyakGrand windyak

Hull length: 5,89 m

Breadth : 0,80 / 4,84 m

Draught : 0,14 / 0,80 m

Sail area : 10 m2

Total mass : 70 kg

  • Equipped hull : 44 kg

  • Beam+floats assembly : 17 kg

  • Rig assembly (including sail & furling sleeve): : 9 kg

Design : Frederic JOUFFROY

Rig design : Philippe BUSSIERE & Frederic JOUFFROY

Major moulds are available (evolutions to be planned to include last concept’s improvements).

Composite hull, aluminium beam, carbon mast, polyethylene floats.

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